FermEnzyme Reactive Bait Booster

FermEnzyme Reactive Bait Booster

This unique and innovative product is extremely versatile. It is based on Fish and Yeast products with a Spice element. It contains a broad specificity Cysteine Protease Enzyme. Once mixed with some crumbed boilie,Infused Pellet or Halo mix, the addition of liquid will active it, making an explosive PVA bag or stick mix. It works over pH 3 to pH 9 and temperatures upto 80°C. It will give your traps an 'active boost' emitting enticing food signals into the water. It has already been responsible for the capture of big English Carp to over 61lb's and some are very difficult waters.

It can also be used to coat wet boilies or boost groundbaits or spod mixes.

TOP TIP - some anglers are using this to coat their hook baits with great success. Wet coat them then air dry until hard for maximum prolonged attraction. The lake water works on the coating in situ releasing the signals for the fishes Receptors to pick up on.

£9.00 500ml Pot

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