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#12 'December 2023 Blog'
#11 'Silt and targeting bigger fish in 'hungry waters' '
#10 'November 2023 Blog'
#9 'Honest advice is difficult, and enter the 'Iconoclasts' '
#8 'Everybody wants to be the daddy'
#7 October 2023 Blog 'Paprika, Salt and Monster Carp'
#6 February 2023 Blog 'The internet of things, an open forum for discussion'
#5 Frankie Mix and FermEnzyme extended
#4 'FermEnzyme, the history, science, application and results'
#3 'The Big Fish Odyssey, Grenvilles biggest' with Matt Kirkham
#2 'The Highs and Lows, and Big Carp on PVA bags' with John Leyland
#1 'A Walk Through the Ages' with Matt Kirkham

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