The H.X.B or 'Hot Cross Bun' is a top quality no expense spared HNV Milk Protein/Birdfood bait with a rich Bunspice aroma. It has caught carp over 40lb in England, taking a Staffordshire Record of 45lb 5oz back in 2013. It has caught French fish over 70lb. This bait has Pedigree.

  • Calcium Caseinate 
  • Acid Casein 
  • Whey Protein Concentrate 
  • Maize Protein 
  • Milk Powder 
  • Birdfoods 
  • Human Grade Spices 
  • Selected taste enhancers 
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil 
  • Sugars

This is not a cheap bait but when you look at the ingredient profile, nor should it be. Quality like this is rare in the modern bait world.

Dean, believes the High Branched Chain Amino Acid content of the bait attracts large carp that need to sustain Muscle Mass. The results say the same. This bait is again very very effective in Winter.


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