Stabilised Boilies

Stabilised Boilies

We offer a Stabilised or 'Shelf Life' option for any bait we produce. Ours are identical Formulas to the Fresh Freezer boilies apart from the special additives and extra drying times ( 3 days minimum).

Ours are rolled Fresh to order, to ensure you receive boilies you know the age of as opposed to something that maybe weeks or even months old.

We prefer Fresh Freezer boilies ourselves because:

  • once defrosted they begin to 'mature'
  • this maturation phase results in the proliferation of microbes 
  • this increases the Nucleotide content of the bait 
  • Nucleotides are key Carp attractors
  • Secondary Metabolites are also produced
  • Secondary Metabolites are beneficial to the Carp's health

There is talk at the moment about stabilisers impeding a carp's digestive enzymes. Our research indicates this is incorrect, we would not sell something that the fish can gain no benefit from. 

As this option is made to order, lead times are extended so we suggest you call with your requirements. We charge 50p per kilo extra for all stabilised boilies. We suggest these be used within 6 months for maximum effectiveness. They are to be stored away from heat/direct sunlight and kept dry otherwise they will begin to degrade the same as freezer boilies.

£42.50 5kg

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